Revenge of the Nerds


One could say this is a slight spin-off from my previous blog titled Calling Folks Out & Other Social Networking Site Idiocy . Ever since that post I’ve been paying more attention to the phenomenon that is social networking. There are several things that amaze me about it. First, how easy it is to connect with like-minded people. Two, how quickly one can exchange information. And three, how simple it is to recreate oneself on the internet.

That last is the most interesting to me. We may think we know the person we’re FB chatting or tweeting, but do we really? I could jump on Facebook, create a new account, and in less than five minutes become a whole new person. People do it all the time. It’s more common than we want to admit.

So why the title Revenge of the Nerds? There have been a few people who I’ve been closely observing on these social networking sites. I chose these individuals as the subjects of my focus for a couple of reasons:

1) They are always on the net

2) They display blatant superficiality

3) They have a constant need to self elevate

4) They crave attention and use their exchanges with others as a form of validation

Now it may seem that I being over critical, even down right mean and perhaps I am. However, I call it how I see it and these are the things I’ve observed. The truth isn’t always kind. At any rate curiosity got to me and I became interested in knowing who these people really were. So I Google searched them and what I found gave me complete insight as to the reason for the internet personas.

In real life these people are/where nerds.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking nerds. There is nothing wrong with being a nerd, geek, square, book-worm, or any other variation of an intellect. Hell I’m a nerd, to a certain degree. Yet the difference is that the individuals I’ve been observing have an obvious complex about their real identity.

IRL one can tell that these individuals are quiet and shy. In a crowded room they wouldn’t stand out and they would most likely get passed up for their cuter friends. They don’t have very many RL friends.  They aren’t fully appreciated for their intellect. Short of calling them boring, their favorite pastimes wouldn’t be considered “fun” by most. There are certain insecurities behind their looks. As a matter of fact, they have insecurities about a lot of things in regards to themselves. So, they get on the internet motivated by how they view their self-image.

Revenge of the nerds. Because these individuals use social networking sites to bully others with their intellect. They use arrogance and cockiness to hide their insecurities and the constant attention they receive on the internet makes up for the lack of it they get IRL. It kinda reminds me of those “Look at Me Now” segments on the Maury show; I was a nerd back then but I’m cool now. Only thing about that is that there is still nothing technically “cool” about them other than the persona they’ve created on the internet.

We all have our stories, reasons for doing the things we do or acting the way we act. This is something I always keep in mind as I watch or engage anyone on the internet. However I will take a moment of personal liberty to say that using the internet to create a fake personality that lowers others in order to elevate oneself is downright pathetic. Plus it does nothing to promote  personal growth. Folks gotta do better.


2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Nerds

  1. I read this blog and I died. But you’re right. It is done ALL the time. I’ll admit even I’ve done it. The only differences is…I USED to be the nerdy girl lost in the crowd. Now if you ask anyone they will tell you, Im so sociable, or a social butterfly.It always even to this days shocks me when people say that because I dont feel like Im a social anything at all. I even had a boyfriend break up with me because I was “too much of a free spirit” (LIGHT BULB!). However, that “change” had more to do with me being tired of being bored then anything. If I wanted to talk to people then talk to people. If I want to go out, and my friends wheren’t interested, I need to to find liked minded people who did.
    No one likes someone who acts like hermit. Sits in the corner looking like they smelling something that stinks. I wouldnt talk to you either. I didnt use Facebook to FAKE a change, I used it to help MAKE a change. And if you dont believe just go back to those very first albums. I warn you though it make take a while. I have over 1,000 pictures and 70 albums. Happy Hunting! LOL!!
    However, even now hear

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