Why I Like Men That Like Natural Women


The first thing I’ve noticed since going natural is a switch in the type of attention I’ve been receiving . For one,  I’ve been receiving more attention from everyone but especially men. Much more than before when I was getting my hair done every two weeks. When I say done I mean the works-permed, pressed, colored, cut, and styled. Second, I’ve been attracting more of a variety of men. I’m talking all types.  Of course there have been the natural men. Those down-to-earth, neo-soul blasting, activist, spoken word, dreadlocks sportin’ type men. I guess my current appearance justifies their assumption that we have some common ground. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve been attracting a lot of the professional types. The business suit wearing, smartphone carrying, briefcase toting types that seem ready to take you out for Japanese hibachi and wine or some other place where you can’t pronounce what’s on the menu. Maybe it’s an opposites attract situation, who knows. I find it surprising nonetheless.

My style is whimsical. It varies from day-to-day and is solely determined by my mood. This means that I will dress up just as easily as I dress down and I’m approached by men in either state. However, I can appreciate a man who appreciates a woman minus the glitz and glam and here’s why:

He’s attracted to her beauty in its natural state.

A man who can allow a woman to be herself and like her for it is the type of man I want to associate myself with. I’m not a shallow women, therefore I would not date a shallow man. While I like to dress up from time to time I don’t want to feel like it’s a requirement to go hang out with someone. I only wear makeup on occasion, I have a mean collection of high heels that’s only rivaled by my collection of flip-flops, and if I can get away with wearing jeans and a tank top somewhere I will. Some women don’t mind being that “trophy piece”. The girl who will curl her hair, put on makeup, and slip on some heels just to go to the grocery store. I’m not judging these types of women, I’m just saying I’m not one of them.

There is something commendable about a man who is OK with a woman stepping outside the box to define her own sense of beauty. A certain level of comfort.  At least I know that the man approaching me while I’m sportin’ jeans and an afro is attracted to how I naturally look, without the enhancements. In all honesty, most men don’t care for all the extras as much as women think they do. Nothing about my appearance is for the benefit of anyone else. I’m not worried about what others care  for when it comes to my looks. A man who both understands and respects my attitude in regards to my looks suggests a man of substance, certainly someone worth getting to know.


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