Personal Libery Interlude 10/11: current events & misc


I’ve got so much going on that I figure it’s a good time to do another Personal Liberty Interlude session

Reconnecting with Family: I’ve recently had the opportunity to reconnect with family I haven’t talked to in a very long time. I’m talking 10+ years. Everyone knows that I have a little brother on my mom’s side. Him and I are very close. Many don’t know that I have a sister and brother on my father’s side. They live in Chicago and we used to talk regularly but lost touch when I was sixteen or so. Well about a month ago my sister found me on Facebook and contacted me. Through her I was able to get in touch with my father, whom I haven’t spoken to since high school. Strange and awkward though it was I’m glad we were able to speak. We had a nice talk and I learned that I have another younger sister and brother. In the meantime a family crisis required me to drive to California over the weekend. However that situation I will blog about at a later date. I am so excited about this site that one would think that it was mine. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of talented and brilliant friends, friends that I want to see realize their full potential and follow their dreams. I said a long time ago that this particular group of friends  should create their own website and now they have. It’s an awesome website and it excites me that I was around to see it happen. I remember a year ago when The Well Versed was just an unnamed concept. So a huge congratulations to my friends for what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Funny How…: ….You can fight with someone one minute and then something happens that renders all grievances petty and insignificant. Though I won’t hesitate to stand my ground and go toe to toe with anyone the truth of the matter is that I really don’t like conflict. Therefore I’m always willing to make amends when there’s an opportunity to do so, especially if it’s with someone I have a long history with. When you’ve gone to hell and back with someone it makes it easier to humble yourself and exchange apologies.

Things That Make Me SMDH: Fools that jump into the middle of a situation equipped with half the story and a conviction that they “got it all figured out”. Recently I’ve had certain people act like they know more about some aspects of my life than I do. Speaking on things they know nothing about. All I can do is smdh. And continue to smdh as I watch another set of fools make asses of themselves as they steer themselves into a very obvious train wreck. A part of me wants to be messy and burst some bubbles, but I don’t even care enough to do that. Besides, folks are effective at bursting their own bubbles. And there’s nothing to burst if the bubbles are imaginary.

Until the next interlude….


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