Being Messy


We all do it. Like children that love to play in the mud even though they know they’ll get dirty, and in trouble. There’s something about being “messy” that appeals to all of us. And I do mean all of us. Whoever says otherwise is not being honest with themselves.

The Urban Dictionary defines being messy as:

1. out of control
2. (1)a person who is creating drama,
(2)has a big mouth, or (3)never minding their own business about the situation
3. amusing

As I’ve come to understand it, there is something in all of us that revels in drama. It’s human nature to want to be a part of something “big”. Whether it’s us witnessing it or being the major players in the scene. Truth be told many of us get off on it but does creating (or inserting ourselves into) drama really add anything substantial to our lives?

As I become more mindful I often catch myself when I am involved in messy behavior. It seems that once a week its something-witnessing friends beefing, calling folks out of social networking sites, or gossiping. I can’t help but observe myself and my behavior as I engage in these activities. I understand that it’s very childish and petty.More importantly it’s simply not necessary behavior to engage in. Much as it amuses me I find myself pulling away from it more and more. As entertaining as being messy can be, it takes time away from things that are truly important. I could spend all of my energy putting myself in the center of the newest hot bit of gossip or I can take that same energy and be productive. I could focus on the things that promote my own personal development and/or things that improve my community.  At the end of the day….some things just aren’t that important in light of the bigger picture. For me, what doesn’t keep me centered and makes me happy simply isn’t important.

*now checking messy behavior at the door*


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