Lessons From The Car Lot


I am very excited to announce that I have purchased A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!  One of four goals accomplished in less than a month since I wrote about it. I have to admit it was an extremely arduous and tedious process, backed by an entire summer of research and shopping. The patience paid off and  I learned some very powerful lessons in the process.

First, it’s extremely important to be an informed consumer. Ignorance makes it easy for people to take advantage, especially in a situation where people stand to make money off you. Though it may take some extra time and effort it’s completely worth while to do your research before you make any big purchase. I researched everything there was to learn about the cars I was interested in purchasing-consumer reviews, Kelly Blue Book value,  features, gas mileage. Other things are good to know such as your credit score, consumer reviews of the car dealership you are visiting, and how long the car has been on the lot. Any knowledge will help you through the process.

Second lesson, do not settle. This is an important bit of advise that I cannot stress enough. If you are well-informed and patient I guarantee that you will walk out the dealership with exactly the kind of car and deal you want. My credit is average, it’s not great but it’s not horrible. It’s not at the level where I can go in and demand whatever I want with no hassle. Despite that I was able to purchase my car with an “A” credit deal-no money down, great interest rate, affordable payments. I even talked the price of the car down a few thousand dollars. It took two weeks to finalize the deal and I saw a couple of the cars I initially wanted get sold but I refused to settle for something I did not want. I would not allow the car dealership to tell me what deal  I would get and I certainly was not going to jump on any offer they presented me just for the sake of getting a new car. There were times where the negotiation process was extremely frustrating but it was worth it in the end.

Something I learned about myself; I have a slight aversion to change. I’ve had my 98 Nissan for eight years. As old as that car was it was a good, reliable car. It held me down. Even better was the fact that I had paid it off. Never mind that the check engine lights been on for months. Worse that the air conditioning hasn’t worked for years.  Never mind that the car has over 190,000 miles (or the fact that there was a month where the odometer stopped working altogether). Never mind all the dents, scratches, and other battle wounds. Despite all of that I found myself slightly reluctant as I was signing the title over to the car dealership. I had a new car waiting for me to drive home and I’m looking at my old Nissan realizing I’m going to miss it. Change. My new car represents change and instead of being excited about it I’m clinging to the old. A very interesting revelation about myself.

Good lessons from the car lot.


One thought on “Lessons From The Car Lot

  1. Lakingya Robinson

    LOL! After i brought my new car, I still kept my old car. I didnt trade it in…I rode it until that bitch blew up…literally. LMBO!!!

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