Discerning Dreams


I was ten years old when I had my very first dream come true. I dreamed  that my 5th grade classmate sat next to me on the bus, told me he liked me, and then kissed me.  The very next day the dream played itself out, minus the kiss. It would appear that the dream marked a threshold because what followed was a gift that’s stuck with me my entire life (thus far).

Yes, I have dreams that come true. It’s a strange occurrence that still amazes me though I’ve lived with it most my life  so I can imagine what others may make of my claim,even those that do believe in such things. I have many examples of my gift. The night I dreamt when my best friend gave birth to her first son. The morning I dreamt that my mother blew her car tire out. My high school sweetheart used to hate that I always seemed to know what he was up to, despite being two thousand miles apart and long periods of no communication.

It’s a strange gift indeed and one I have absolutely no control of. There are no incantations spoken before bed. I don’t think to myself ” I’m going to have one of those dreams tonight” as my head hits my pillow. They simply happen. Sometimes it’s a scenario that plays itself out. Most of the time people come to me in my dreams and tell me things. I’ve learned that these conversations are typically things that are currently happening while the scenarios are things that will happen in the future. The funny thing is that I have no idea how far into the future these things will occur. It can be two months or two years but they come to be eventually.

As strange as the dreams are I find it even stranger that the trait runs in my family. My father has the same gift. My mother likes to tell the story of how my father called my mother the day she brought me home from the hospital asking if I had been delivered. He’d known even though she was clear across the country. I was born in Toledo, Ohio and my father was living in California. My aunt and uncle also have the same gift as well as my little brother.

Whether it’s a genetic inheritance or spiritual gift  I am of the opinion that our intuition is a very vital survival mechanism. It’s that subconscious warning sign we often miss, that little voice in the back of our minds we ignore. Some experience a stronger  sense of discernment than others but we all have the ability if we allow ourselves to trust what our subconscious is revealing to us. I’ve learned enough lessons to understand that I would have been saved much heartache if I had paid heed to what my dreams told me.

Always trust your instincts, intuition, dreams, etc. At the end of the day they all amount to the same thing-lamps lighting the path of our journey.


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