Personal Liberty Interlude 9/17: rants and randomness


Taking a short break from the enlightening and introspective to rant a little bit. Why? Because it’s my blog and I can do that.

My Goals: Last month I detailed some goals I wanted to accomplish within the next year. I’m happy to report that I’m closer to two of them. I’ve been diligent in my campaign to lose weight and it’s paying off. I’m down two sizes and can sport a medium shirt. I’m not trying to be skinny. I like having lady lumps (lol) so the focus now is toning up, developing muscle, and defining my shape.  I’ve already been getting a lot of compliments on how I look and some of those who haven’t seen me in a while don’t recognize me. I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like come Christmas. My other goal of purchasing another car is in the makings as I type this blog. I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll hold off on speaking on this more until it happens.

Random Observations: What the hell is up with all this shameless attention whoring I’ve been witnessing these past few weeks? I hate to judge others yet I have to be me and call it how I see it. I am convinced there’s an attention whoring virus in the water. I love that the internet allows us to connect with people from around the world. It provides us with a visibility we wouldn’t receive in our day-to-day interactions but some people abuse it. People are so quick to put themselves out there, basking in the attention yet getting upset when they receive criticism for their internet behavior. Setting up a public website and calling someone a stalker  for looking at it seems like an oxymoron. Now that I think about it, I find it kind of funny that those who support a person’s website are called friends, followers, fans, etc while those that criticize a person’s public space are called stalkers, haters, what have you. Most people are very perceptive and are quick to assess a person’s true character, whether it be pleasant or unpleasant. As I said before, the content of a person’s writing, the subject matter of their tweets, the tone of their Facebook status’ are a clear indication of the type of person they are, especially if they are attention whoring. To quote Voz in reference to another person’s social networking site “I can see she’s a fool from how she writes!”. The evidence tells the story. So with all that being said, I need folks to do better, stop embarrassing themselves, and tone down the attention whoring.

Going Natural: When I decided to jump on the weight loss bandwagon I also decided to grow my hair out and wear it natural. Ironically, despite the fact that I’m a hair dressers daughter, I am extremely low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I am also very whimsical. I change my hair like my clothes,  according to my mood. I’ve been wearing it short for the past two years and loved it but about three months ago I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to grow it back out. My hair dresser wasn’t too excited about it but she obliged. She cut out all the layers, I let the perm go, and now my hair is just growing. Most days I wet it and put gel in it, ending up with a curly afro. Other days I just pick it out. I’ve gotten way more compliments with my hair like this than I did when I was going to the shop every two weeks, which I find interesting.

Latest Mack Lessons Podcast: Yes I will admit to being a fan of Tariq Nasheed. On the surface it may seem that his message is sexist but if you dig deeper you can see his underlying intentions. He’s simply trying to start a Black cultural revolution. His social criticism of the Black community and of male and female relationships is his way of getting us to take a look at ourselves and do better. Besides I always respect brutal honesty and a person that is not afraid to speak the truth.

His latest podcast was about “Relationship War Vets” and it was very on point. Basically his message is that people need to recognize when not to jump into a relationship after a breakup. Sound familiar? See my blog about rebound relationships. Tariq speaks a lot about the importance of taking a time out for self-reflection and confidence rebuilding , otherwise a person will settle for just anyone for the sake of not being alone. Bringing unnecessary baggage into the new relationship. Or worse, will be involved with a person that isn’t on their level (emotionally, intellectually, mentally, etc). For more check out the podcast

Rebelliousness: I like to be right. Actually, correction, I like others to know that I am right. Who doesn’t? I’m starting to realize that proving that I am right about something isn’t worth the effort. You can try to toss some knowledge to a person but it doesn’t mean they will catch it. Some folks simply just don’t get it. Other folks are too rebellious to get it. They are so hell-bent on proving you wrong that they refuse to see the forest for the trees. They ignore what’s obvious. I will no longer waste energy on these types. A few days ago I tweeted the statement that sometimes it’s just best to sit back and allow the universe to right itself. So, I’m going to relax and I chill as I watch others learn their lesson the hard way.

*stepping of soap box* Until the next rant…


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