Guest Post: 8 Mistakes Men Make To Ruin a Relationship


I’m not big on posting other people’s stuff on my blog however this was so on point that I felt it would be beneficial to share with others. It really hit home for me. For more visit the author’s site, there’s some really interesting stuff on there…


LJ Knight

I wrote a post entitled 8 Mistakes Women Make To Ruin A Relationship and received high fives and applause from men all around the world who felt that I had single handidly grasped many of the mistakes that women make when dealing with their men. Now it is time to flip the script and remind the fellas the role they play in the demise of a relationship. Please feel free to add on any other mistakes.

1. Not Spending Enough Time With Her

Women enjoy spending time with their man. They want to know that he in turn enjoys his time with her as well. They want to know that him spending time with her is not burdensome in anyway. They certainly do not want to beg for attention.

2. Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again Once You Have Been Forgiven

This one is a case for when pure stupidity comes into play. Once you have been forgiven for whatever mistake you have made, do not, I repeat do not continue to make the same mistake over and over. This is how a woman becomes fed up with you and before you know it, all of your second chances has been drained. Then you are wondering why she will have nothing to do with you anymore. It is simple- She has given up on you. The smart guy is a quick learner.

3. Putting Others Before Your Woman

A woman never wants to feel like the man she loves is putting his friends before her. She always wants to feel that she will come first in your eyes and that if she needs you, you will drop everything and come to her if necessary. In reality, deep down, you may feel closer to your freinds than your girl and share a special bond with them. That is absolutely fine, but there is no need to make those feelings obvious to her.

4. Selfish Behavior

We want to always know that even when we are not physically around you, we are still on your minds. Therefore the selfish, “its all about me” behavior is a turn off for women. It may sound cliché’ but it really is all about the little things. For instance, when I would visit my boyfriend it would be a 2 hour trip. I would get to his house and was drained. He recognized this and would always have my favorite snack available for me. This let me know that he not only appreciated my visiting him but also paid attention to my likes and dislikes and took the time out to make sure I would be happy while visiting him.

5. Not Telling Her How You Feel

Men somehow feel that their girlfriend is a psychic and she is expected to know when he is upset, annoyed, lonely, doesn’t want to be bothered, angry, and a host of other emotions. When she doesn’t then that in turn makes him even more upset, angry, annoyed etc.. Bottling up emotions and never being clear about them only leads to more frustration between you and your girl. You become frustrated because she is not “getting you” and she is frustrated because you won’t “open up” to her.

6. Expecting Sex To Solve Your Relationship Problems Instead Of Talking

This is in connection to number 5. Sex does not solve all problems and heal the world. It will not always be an easy bandage for a problem within a relationship. In fact it is just that. A bandage. It is a temporary quick fix/distraction from the real issues. It does not heal. It does not matter how good you are at laying the pipe. Communication usually works the best.

7. Letting Ego Guide You In Your Decision Making

That ego monster gets a lot of men in trouble. When they allow it to be the guide in their decisions it usually leads them down the road of stupidity and regret. Instead of allowing your ego to be your guiding light be honest and man up.

8. Not Making Her Feel Special

Overall, a woman wants to feel special. If no one else in the world makes her feel like she is the s**t then her man should. She does not care that you think the girl in the music video has a fat a**. There is no need to let her know that you are comparing.


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