A Response


You look at me
Your eyes rather than your words
Speak volumes of the pain in your soul
And my ambivalence
Testimony to what I released so long ago
What happened to us?
Your question hangs in the silence of the air.
I guess I could pretend to care
But the very least I owe you is the truth
Raw and bare.
You seem to believe that your pain is one-sided
We both weep
Yet while you mourn what died.
I mourn what never grew
Our communication
We spoke the wrong words
I sonnet and you verse
A cross in interpretation
Don’t blame others for being the ears you should have been
Look within
I repeat again
Look within
You shut down, I got tired of waiting for you to wake
What sapped my ambiance was the constant cycle of I give and you take
Our relationship’s grim reaper, born of the mother of your jealousy
And the father of your insecurity
Are you finally beginning to see?
My passion dissipated because the spiritual link was broken
And sex became just a token
Love lends us beauty, but not the right to keep it
Words deep and true
Since when was my love something you had to possess?
So much energy
Being the source of your need
Your Inquisition is right, though the question wrong.
The real contemplation (the one you seem to fear ponder) is
Do I love you anymore?

© 2004 by Toya J


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