Cali Swag


I realize the dangers of naming a blog post after such a cliché word, however I couldn’t resist.

I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV but was raised in Southern California. Redlands (San Bernardino County) to be exact. I spent the most defining years of my 20’s in Long Beach, CA. I consider it my home. I’ve recently been experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, Vegas isn’t a bad place to be. Cost of living is cheap. Jobs are a plenty, at least before the economy started declining. There’s a lot of things to do.

So what’s missing?

It didn’t fully hit me until I was sitting in this restaurant on Sunset in Hollywood. As I’m watching the scene I take in the atmosphere. People in groups enjoying themselves, engaging in conversation and having drinks. Classy looking women dressed up. Music playing. On the surface it doesn’t seem so different from something you’d see in Vegas and yet is was.

See, there’s a sense of ease and realness in California that is lacking in Vegas. Las Vegas is a big city with a small town mentality. The social scene is slightly backwards and the dating pool dismal. Jobs and money come too easy and it’s all about who you know. People are pretentious and will approach you with the question of what you can do for them at the forefront of their mind as they reach out their hand to shake yours.

One would think that Southern California, home to the rich and famous, would top the cake in fakeness, but I’m finding that it’s not true. Success doesn’t come easy. Who you know might get you in the door but it sure won’t keep you there. There’s an aura of hustle that simply isn’t present in Las Vegas. That missing element seems to make most Vegas residents  lazy, unmotivated, and insecure about their position in life.

There’s no swag in Las Vegas.  No hustle. Plain and simple.

I’m sure there will be more postings with examples of this fact.


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