Thought Provoking Self Acclamation


I personify inspiration
This is my self acclamation that I am the representation
Of revolution
The solution to the mundane, though a bit insane
I am the mixture of chaos and sweet order
Thinking outside the box because no box
Was ever big enough to contain my thoughts
I am the end to no conclusion
Here to slash through all delusions
And shine crystal clarity
It’s not enough to listen I want you to see
Imagine the combination of love and anger
But a bit stranger
I am that
The abstract art on canvas
I am every contradiction you have ever known
Nothing I present can be taught or shown
Like the bigger theme beneath the philosophy
But it’s not about me
It’s about you visualizing
A world bigger than yourself
I’m trying to be the whirl wind
That causes all your presumptions to spin
Off center
I want to center THE bigger picture
I represent the antagonist to your beliefs
The villain to your stereotypes
I am that damn in your face
Because the goal is to replace
Ignorance with enlightenment
So excuse my self entitlement
To knowledge
And my gluttony
For the real story
I’m just trying to make you think
Because true wisdom comes when you stop supplying all the answers
But, I don’t demand that you understand
I simply require your desire
To toss away the box.

© 2008 Toya J


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